Reasons why we believe we're one of the best communities to be a part of.

Dedicated Servers

All Phantom Gaming servers run on dedicated hardware. The minimum specs for any server is an i5/i7, 8GB Ram, SSD storage, 100 Mbps networks, and DDoS protection.


Our team ensures that the highest quality of game play, and services are available. We try to maintain as little downtime as possible.


Our staff team will try to answer, and solve all reported problems with our services or userbase ASAP.

Phantom Gaming (originally CandyRP/PhantomRP) was founded after noticing the poor management or toxicity in server staff teams. After trying many different communities most of them felt very hostile towards anyone who had no ties to the staff or provided promotion for the server; combined with the often abusive admins that would disrupt gameplay situations or use their power for intimidation Ryno, and I (Vardorien) felt we could do something better, and so we did.

We do NOT take violations of our rules, and standards lightly. Regardless of if the offense is made by a community member or a staff member we WILL enforce our policies in order to maintain a healthy gaming environment.




Manages the backend for the Phantom Gaming websites, and servers. Main figure in server development.




Main figure in managing the community, and GFX development.